The Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP®)

An Evidence-Based Treatment Program for Reducing Disability Associated with Pain, Depression, Cancer and other Chronic Health Conditions.

Online Order of Material

Click here to access the online form for ordering PGAP-related treatment materials.

The following materials can be ordered from this site:

  • PGAP Information Videos
  • PGAP Client Workbooks

Please note, that the newest edition (4th) of the PGAP Treatment Manual is only available for purchase by 3rd edition trained providers. Individuals trained in PGAP in 2014 were provided with this version as part of the materials distributed during the PGAP training workshop.

Download Order Form

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In order to prevent any delays in the processing of your registration, please ensure that your name is spelled correctly, that you have correctly calculated the taxes that apply to your order, and that your credit card number has been accurately transcribed.