The Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP®)

An Evidence-Based Treatment Program for Reducing Disability Associated with Pain,
Depression, PTSD, Cancer and other Chronic Health Conditions.

How Do I Get PGAP Services?
Referral agents can access a PGAP trained clinician either through the Central Referral Service or by consulting the PGAP Directory. However, quality-controlled services by our Centre applies only to PGAP services accessed through the PGAP Central Referral Service.

The Central Referral Service, is distinguished from the PGAP Website Directory. The PGAP Website Directory is a listing of the names and contact information of PGAP trained clinicians who have requested and paid a nominal membership fee to be listed on the University Centre for Research on Pain and Disability website.

Make the Call to Central Referral.
As a Case Manager or referral source, if you need help locating a PGAP provider, Central Referral is here to help. At the University Centre for Research on Pain and Disability (A Division of PDP Program Inc.) we offer an easy alternative to locate a PGAP Provider as close in proximity to your client as possible. Central Referral can help you get connected to PGAP services quickly and efficiently. Centre for Rehabilitation and Health (CRH) manages all aspects of quality assurance related to your referral.

Please call toll free, 1-844-297-7427, to speak with someone about your referral needs.

After the Call to Central Referral.
When you call Central Referral, the Central Referral Coordinator will spend about 10-15 minutes on the phone with you. They will retrieve necessary information for the central intake software to determine suitability and discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

The University Centre for Research on Pain and Disability conducts a brief web survey after completion of each program to ensure satisfaction with the services you received. The feedback is essential for us to conduct quality control on the PGAP services delivered by CRH. Information related to the referral may be shared with the CRH so that they may provide the best services possible for your clients.

Who are the Providers included in Central Referral?
PGAP providers who are included in our list are individuals whom have been trained in PGAP. They may have trained in the most recent version 4th edition of PGAP, or in a previous version (3rd edition). Those trained in versions prior to the 3rd edition would have only had access to training when PGAP was exclusively targeting Pain as a risk factor to delayed recovery. Those trained in the 3rd and 4th edition would have been trained in a version that included the assessment of and intervention techniques on psychosocial risk factors for a wide range of debilitating health and mental health conditions.

Providers included in our central referral directory are responsible for following CRH guidelines to ensure excellence in service delivery of all aspects of the standardized PGAP. Referral agents can expect weekly updates after each session, and timely detailed reporting. CRH provides ongoing clinical mentorship and companywide ongoing education to ensure PGAP providers are equipped with the most current evidence-based practice tools to ensure optimal outcomes in PGAP delivery.

Let us help you locate a PGAP Provider.
The Central Referral Service is Currently Only Available in Canada.