The Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP®)

An Evidence-Based Treatment Program for Reducing Disability Associated with Pain, Depression, Cancer and other Chronic Health Conditions.


Application and Authorization for Posting PGAP Provider Contact Information

Referral agents seeking PGAP services have the option of using the PGAP Provider Directory listed on our website.

The following describes the application and authorization procedures related to having your name and contact information posted on our Website:

Conditions for Listing Contact Information on the PGAP Provider Directory

Individuals who have completed the two-day PGAP Training Workshop can apply to have their contact information listed on the PGAP Provider Directory. Contact information listed on the PGAP Provider Directory includes the PGAP Provider's name, company name (if applicable), discipline of practice, clinical practice address, telephone/fax number and e-mail address. We do not list companies without a Provider's name associated with it. This year we have discounted the fee to $40.00 plus GST/HST (in Canada) for posting a PGAP provider's contact information on the PGAP Provider Directory due to our late posting. 2019 prices are subject to change. Please note that GST or HST is required for all provinces not just residents of Nova Scotia. Taxes are dependent on where the person PAYING is living in Canada. The PGAP Provider Directory will be accessible to referral agents through the 'Make a Referral' feature of our website. Currently, the PGAP Provider Directory is listed under "Find a PGAP Provider" tab. This fee is due January 01 of each year and is valid from January 01 - December 31. There are no partial fees, however you can join at anytime.

PGAP providers should only apply to have their contact information posted on the PGAP Provider Directory if they are willing to offer the PGAP in its standardized format, as described in the PGAP Treatment Manual. To maintain the integrity and reputation of the PGAP, we must take steps to ensure that the PGAP is being offered in the format in which it has been empirically tested. Modified versions have been neither researched nor tested. PGAP is trademark of PDP Program Inc. Many insurers and payers have confidence in the comprehensiveness and success of the PGAP approach. A number of referral sources have had the unfortunate experience of attempting to locate a PGAP provider only to be informed that the provider only uses "parts" of the PGAP or offers a modified version of the PGAP. Inevitably, interventions described as 'parts' of the PGAP, or modified versions of the PGAP have yielded unsatisfactory results, which has impacted negatively on the reputation of the PGAP and of our Centre. When it is brought to our attention that a PGAP provider indicates to a referral agent that only 'parts' of the PGAP will be offered, or that a modified version of the PGAP will be offered, the PGAP provider's contact information will be deleted from the PGAP Provider Directory.

Payment of fees for the website listing on PGAPworks.
Website January 01 2019 to December 31, 2019.
$40.00 (plus applicable taxes for your province - Canada only)
ALL fees are in Canadian Dollars.
No refunds or partial refunds.